Are you an EV fleet innovator?

We're looking for project partners for our next wave of V2G installations.

Wondering if V2G is right for your fleet? Interested in EVs, next-generation clean energy technologies, or just curious if they make business sense for your city or organization? If you're a fleet manager who strives to maximize utilization and reduce the cost of transportation logistics, or if you're a facilities manager who's wondering how it's possible that electric vehicles could reduce your electricity bill - we want to work with you.

Please follow the link below to a brief contact form that will let us get in touch with to learn more about your particular needs and evaluate how we can optimize V2G opportunities for your fleet, facilities, and region.

More information on Fermata Energy and V2G

From the University of Warwick: "On the possibility of extending the lifetime of lithium-ion batteries through optimal V2G facilitated by an integrated vehicle and smart-grid system". One common misperception of V2G technology is that it unduly damages the vehicle battery; this article, and our own real-world experience with V2G operations, provide a compelling counterpoint.


Last year we collaborated with several UVA engineering students for their 4th year Capstone project. This work culminated in the IEEE Systems and Information Engineering Design Symposium, an international professional conference where our students won first place for their paper on V2G found here.  The poster outlining the project is available here.


Home page of V2G at the University of Delaware, a program that has fostered insightful research into the V2G industry. The Related Web Sites and Articles and Papers tabs provide even more avenues to explore.


This PDF of the California Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI) Roadmap details the barriers and potential value of vehicle grid integration in California, and suggests potential pathways to full-scale implementation.


This National Renewable Energy Lab study provides a very thorough guide to the development and demonstration of V2G technology.


Joann Muller, "A Light Bulb Goes On," Forbes, 28 December 2007. - A reader friendly article discussing some of the economic implications of V2G.


Lesley Evans Ogden, "Vehicle-to-Grid Technology: Electric Cars Become Power-Grid Batteries," Scientific American, 27 October 2011. - Another reader friendly piece, but one that is more focused on V2G technology.


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