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How V2G Can Support the Grid and Help Pay Back Electric Vehicle Owners

Electric vehicle batteries are valuable resources that hold electricity that can be used not only to run the vehicle but give back energy to the electrical grid, reduce electric bills and power buildings or homes. …

“To have V2G, you need three things, a V2G-enabled vehicle, a bi-directional charger and software to enable inter-operability between vehicle, charger and grid or building,” says David Slutzky, president and CEO Fermata Energy, a vehicle-to-grid systems company that works with energy companies and automakers.

The electricity from the vehicle can be used to offset the demand surcharge on a building. For example, a Fermata customer using a bi-directional charger saved $187.50 in fifteen minutes by drawing energy from a Nissan Leaf to avoid costly demand charges. Depending on the location, utility and charger, V2G could translate into $9,000 in savings per year for a commercial business says, Slutzky. ...

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