Smart Grid Inverter Interface (SG2I)

PowerHub has developed a universally deployable “plug and play” controller geared toward emerging Smart Grid inverter communication/control standards.  The Smart Grid Inverter Interface (SG2I) handles communications, security, signal I/O, and processing of information for grid interoperable power converters.  The combination of grid communications with inverter drive signal generation in a single piece of embedded hardware allows the PowerHub SG2I to address a wide array of grid-aware power conversion applications.  The SG2I's control signals can be fed directly to inverter gate drive circuits to control the flow of energy between the dc and ac sides of the power inverter.  The power conversion operating mode can be set through a variety of local control algorithms and/or using remote (e.g. utility, aggregator, AMI) inputs.


Smart Grid Inverter Inferface